A Night Out in Sparta

Living at High Meadows affords the opportunity for much more than a welcoming community. For members of the Club, our Dogwood and Redbud rooms offer a fine dining experience that is elegant and welcoming — and our Hummingbird Grille (which is open seasonally, from May-November) is a hotspot for snacks and burgers. Our Chef Nicole and her knowledgeable staff serve wonderful culinary creations each evening.

But sometimes, even with this wonderful fine dining option, you might find yourself wanting to go for a night out on the town. There are some fun places to eat in Roaring Gap’s neighboring town of Sparta, with food that rivals that of any big city. We’ll highlight two in this month’s blog, and follow up with more in future blogs.

21 Tavern

Most of the time when you think of food at a bowling alley, your mind conjures up images of chicken wings and pizza taken straight from the freezer to the microwave. Not at the bowling alley in Sparta! Adjoining the bowling lanes is the 21 Tavern, a pub-style restaurant that services bowling alley patrons and plenty of other people just looking for a fun place to eat. Various beer signs and a couple of TVs enhance the pub feel, but this place is definitely family friendly.

The menu is full of exactly what you would expect in a pub — thick burgers, chicken sandwiches and spicy wings. But there are some other additions to the menu that add a surprising touch of creativity and elegance. The Grown-Up Grilled Cheese with a tomato added to the bacon and cheese and served on sourdough bread puts a grown-up twist on a childhood favorite. You’ll also fine ribs and steak and plenty of chicken options. Sides and appetizers are fun as well, with Zucchini Fries and Chesapeake Crap Poppers adding some variety to the mainstays of waffle fries and nachos.

Main Street Pizzeria and Tap House

Craft beer has become a popular draw for many towns, and now Sparta has a place where locals can go sample some beers made from small breweries around the state and beyond. Not only is there a wide variety of lagers, ambers and ciders, the bar is also fully stocked with spirits to create any drink you can dream up.

The dark wood tables and chairs, hardwood floors and subtle lighting create a great atmosphere for meeting up with friends or family to grab a drink, and of course, a pizza! Specialty pizzas topped with your choice of meats, peppers, spinach or a variety of other vegetables melt in your mouth. And the menu isn’t limited to pizza. Burgers and wings show up here as well.

Help support the local economy and dine out in Sparta once in a while! You’ll not only find great food awaits you, you’ll also most likely run into someone you know and strike up a great conversation. What more could you ask for on a cold winter night?

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