Laura Diaz, LPGA golfer, connects with High Meadows Golf & Country Club

It’s not every day you get to play a round of golf with a professional golfer. But the opportunity might happen more often than not at High Meadows Golf & Country Club. High Meadows residents Ron and Cheryl Philo are often visited by their daughter Laura Diaz and her family, who currently make their home […]

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Putting Tips from the Pro

Nothing puts your golf game in the spotlight more than the putting green. Sure, it’s always great to hit a long, straight drive from the tee, but there’s something about the whole group of golfers gathered together around the green that makes you feel like your golf game is being examined under a microscope. The […]

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The Fairy Garden of High Meadows

Nestled between hole 16 and 17 of High Meadows Golf Course, in a curve of the cart path that takes you through a shady, wooded area, sits a fairy village that adds a little bit of magic and whimsy for golfers at High Meadows. Fairyville, the fairy garden of Denise Horne-Kaplan, has been a part […]

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Make the Most of the High Meadows Pool

Nothing epitomizes summer more than lounging beside a pool of clear blue water, drink in hand or book in your lap. Whether you enjoy swimming laps for exercise, taking a short dip to cool off on a hot day, reading in a relaxing lounge chair or watching the grandkids play with abandon, the pool has […]

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Enjoy Music on Main

The first Friday of the month, from June through October, the streets of Sparta come alive with Music on Main. Five stages of music are spread out in different locations along Main Street, attracting crowds of people to enjoy the wonderful music and great food at local restaurants, all set to the beautiful back drop […]

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Playing by New Rules: USGA Releases new Rules of Golf

There’s some big news in the golf world, and it will make the game better for professional and recreational golfers alike. The USGA has released a new edition of the Rules of Golf, set to take effect in January 2019, and High Meadows Golf & Country Club has already adopted the new rules. The major […]

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An Easy Tip for Better Golf: Drink Plenty of Water

Everyone knows it’s important to drink water. That’s because our bodies are 60% water. Water is important in every bodily function, and every cell, tissue, and organ needs water to work properly. Without enough water our bodies start to get dehydrated, which leads to feeling thirsty and tired, cramping, headache or dizziness and even heat […]

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Tips to Get More Yards on Your Drive

It’s inevitable that when you’re around a group of golfers, someone is eventually going to brag about the yardage of their furthest drive. While a great putt or an exciting shot out of the sand are plenty interesting, it seems everyone longs for a really long drive. Even if you’ve been playing golf for years, […]

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Places to Visit: Blue Ridge Music Center

It’s obvious that music is an important part of the culture in the area surrounding High Meadows Golf & Country Club. The local musicians that play during the different music series and festivals in Sparta and the musicians that congregate in Galax during the Old Fiddlers’ Convention are evidence of how much a part of […]

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Make the Most of Strawberry Season

Strawberries are on the menu at High Meadows Golf & Country Club, as our wonderful Chef Nicole takes advantage of the ripe crop of North Carolina strawberries here in the height of the season for this fruit. You’ll find them sliced up in salads and part of desserts, adding a sweet and nutritious treat to […]

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The Ultimate 3-Day Golf Getaway Package

The best way to learn about High Meadows is to experience it for yourself! We’ve designed an incredible package for a golf getaway or a romantic weekend that includes golfing, dining and a stay in one of High Meadows Estate homes.

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