Celebrate Valentine’s Day at High Meadows Golf & Country Club

It’s always nice to celebrate your loved ones, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to do just that. Romantic dinners, heart boxes full of chocolate, bright red roses and greeting cards galore are associated with the date of February 14. But just why do we look for love on this day that falls in the middle of winter? The answer isn’t as clear cut as you might think. There are many legends and theories surrounding the history of Valentine’s Day.

Lupercalia and Pagan Feasting. In ancient Rome, feasting and drunken revelry was pretty common, and one such event was the Feast of Lupercalia, celebrated February 13-15. While this festival was somewhat brutal, there was a matchmaking element to it that could have precluded today’s modern Valentine’s Day revelry.

St. Valentine’s Martydom. Legend has it that during the time when the Roman Emperor forbade his soldiers to marry, there was a bishop named Valentine who performed secret marriages for Roman soldiers. He was found out, put in jail, and supposedly put to death on February 14. This legend is where we probably started linking the name Valentine’s Day with stories of love.

Chaucer and Shakespeare. In their poetry and prose, Chaucer and Shakespeare helped romanticize the holiday that had been named after St. Valentine. It is said that Chaucer thought the day symbolic of love because it was thought of as the beginning of spring, when birds started nesting.

The Dawn of the Greeting Card. No matter where the holiday originated, one thing we know for sure is that the Hallmark Company began mass-producing cards for Valentine’s Day in 1913, a choice that made it easier for people to celebrate but also contributed to the growth of the holiday.

Celebrate with High Meadows
Here at High Meadows Golf & Country Club, we’re making it easy for you to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart. There’s no need to worry about finding the right gift or making reservations on an already crowded night out at restaurants, when you can enjoy a fabulous dinner for two created by the talented Chef Tony in our elegant dining room.

Our Valentine’s Day dinner will take place on Saturday, February 16. The menu is set to tempt your taste buds and celebrate this day for romance in high style. You’ll start off with hors d’oeuvres of fried oyster po’boy or brie and prosciutto tartlets and an appetizer of pan-seared scallops. The salad will be watercress and grilled portabello with pickled red onions, heirloom cherry tomatoes and roasted red pepper vinaigrette. A pepper-crusted filet mignon takes the centerpiece of the entrée, joined by asparagus, baby carrots and spaghetti squash. Make sure you save room for a wonderful Valentine’s Day inspired dessert of a crepe filled with chocolate mousse, fresh berries, Chantilly cream and raspberry coulis.

Make sure to call 336-363-2622 to make your reservations and celebrate Valentine’s Day with this wonderful dinner and great company.

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