A Christmas Adventure: Choose and Cut Tree Farms!

There’s something magical about the Christmas season, with its sparkling lights, wrapped packages full of surprises, and sweet goodies. It makes us all feel like a kid again, even if for just a few moments. And there’s nothing that helps bring that magic to life like trekking out among a forest full of Christmas trees to find the perfect one for your home, fresh from the farm.

Here at High Meadows Golf & Country Club, we’re right in the middle of Christmas tree heaven. Christmas trees are the largest agricultural crop in Alleghany County, and our county is a large contributor to the crop that makes North Carolina come in second in the United States in Christmas Tree production.

From mid-November through most of December, the farms around our area open up to the public, to allow you to have the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery, get up close to the trees, and pick out your own right from the field. Most farms offer some fun things to do while you’re there getting the tree, such as hay rides, bonfires to roast a marshamallow or two, and hot chocolate or apple cider to warm up after you’ve found the tree. If you want to take up the bow saw and cut your tree yourself, some farms have that option. But you can also pick it out and have it cut, and then they’ll bring it down the mountain and get it drilled and tied up on your car so you’re ready to go.

Make plans this year to get out and explore one of our area’s farms. Just a heads up, it’s good to go early in the season to have the most choice. The weekend after Thanksgiving is perfect timing for starting that decorating! It’s also one of the busiest weekends for area farms, so if you want to go out and be part of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, just bring a little patience and be prepared to wait a little longer for service. But if you’d rather have a little more quiet at your time on the farm, most farms are open on weekdays as well.

Here are choose and cut tree farms listed on the Evergreen Trail. Before you visit check with the farm to confirm hours of operation.

Maines Tree Farm
Glade Valley
Open 7 days a week, Nov. 17-Dec. 17, including Thanksgiving Day

Pardue Tree Farm & Nursery
Open 7 days a week beginning Nov. 18, including ThanksgivingDay

River Hill Tree Farm
Open Thursday-Saturday starting November 18, or by appointment.
Note on website as of 10/31: They have a lot of trees that need to be thinned in the 7-9 foot range, so all trees for sale at flat rate of $40.

Reeves Ridge Christmas Trees
Open Friday-Sunday, Nov. 17-Dec. 10.
$5 off any tree over $49, coupon on website.

Papa Goats Tree Farm
Open Friday-Sunday, Nov. 17-Dec. 17

Lil’ Grandfather Mtn Christmas Tree Farm
Laurel Springs

Edwards Family Farm

Roberts Tree Farm

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