Cold Weather Golf Tips

The temperatures might still be on the chilly side, but the longer days and the bright sunshine beckons us outside, where the grass is looking just a little greener and even the pansies are starting to perk up. Spring is on its way soon, but why wait until then to get your golf clubs out? One of the great things about High Meadows golf course is the ability to play year round. Except for maybe a few days when the slopes are snow covered, and then it’s more fun to sit in front of the fire, you can practice your swing and work on improving your game while friends in colder climates are forced to watch the pros on TV.

To help you make the most of these last few days of winter, here are a few tips to make your golf game go a little smoother in the cold.

  • Dress in layers. Yes, this seems like common advice, but it’s probably the most important in keeping warm, as the air between the layers of clothing helps further insulate your body. The added benefit is you can peel layers off as you warm up.
  • Bring hand warmers and cart mitts. It’s important to keep your hands warm, and putting them in your pockets isn’t an option when you’re carrying clubs or driving a cart. Also, if you put the hand warmers in your pockets the heat escapes and they become useless, so putting them in cart mitts helps improve their usefulness.
  • Prepare for the harder ground, realizing you’ll have more roll and less spin.
  • Club up, because the ball won’t travel as far when it’s cold.
  • Use a softer ball to help get a little more feel when the club hits the ball.
  • Keep your ball in your pocket when you can to help keep it warm.
  • Set realistic expectations. This isn’t the time of year to plan on breaking your all-time course record. The cold temperatures mean your muscles are tighter in addition to the way it affects the distance the ball travels.

Take advantage of the benefits of getting out on the course in January and February. You’ll get exercise and fresh air, but also keep up your golf game. Then when all your hibernating friends hit the links in the spring, you’ll have a leg up on the competition.

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