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The first Friday of the month, from June through October, the streets of Sparta come alive with Music on Main. Five stages of music are spread out in different locations along Main Street, attracting crowds of people to enjoy the wonderful music and great food at local restaurants, all set to the beautiful back drop of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Music is a big part of life in the communities of Roaring Gap and Sparta. The traditions of the Blue Ridge are rich with culture and talent, and being able to experience this rich culture is one of the many benefits of living at High Meadows Golf & Country Club. While Music on Main is a fairly new concept, being just its second year, the program is a great way to bring people downtown and highlight local musicians. It’s just a natural offshoot of the centuries-old musical culture in our area.

Music Everywhere

Each Music on Main event boasts five stages of musicians, all playing different types of music to appeal to all sorts of musical tastes. Depending on the date, you’ll find country, bluegrass, Americana, rock and even mariachi. Each event also features a local stage, for local artists to get an opportunity to play in front of a crowd.

In addition to the official stages, you’ll find music all along the streets of Sparta. Walk in the studios and boutiques of Main Street and you’ll be greeted with music by local shop owners and other musicians. It’s a great opportunity to browse through the beautiful artwork while enjoying great music. You never know who you might meet and what you’ll learn as you explore the town, one musical venue at a time.

The next Music on Main event is coming up August 3, and features the popular band Big Daddy Love. While they play to great crowds all over the southeast, they always enjoy coming back home to Sparta for a concert in the mountains. Other artists and bands on the line-up for August include Crabgrass (bluegrass), Bedroom Sessions (jazz), Ashley Heath (folk), and old-time band Rise and Shine.

Visit the Blue Ridge Music Trails site to see the line-up through October.


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