Get the Most out of your Golf Game, Even in the Rain

One of the great things about playing golf in North Carolina is that it can be a year-round sport. Sure, here at High Meadows Golf & Country Club we’ll get a few snow storms and some frigid temperatures, but there are also days in the winter that are spectacular. The clear blue skies and bright sunshine beckon you out on the course, even if it’s a little chilly. But what about those overcast days? The temperatures might be moderate, but the chance of rain looms in the forecast. According to the NOAA, our long-range forecast for the upcoming months has this area predicted to be seeing above average rainfall, which means we’re in for some rainy days.

Don’t let the threat of rain keep you away from the golf course! With the right gear and some good techniques, you’ll be able to keep your golf game going even when a little drizzle comes up on hole three or you get stuck in a shower on the back nine.

Think of the Clubs First

When the skies open up and the rain starts coming down, your first instinct is to reach for your umbrella or jacket. But treat this situation like your clubs are your babies and they need to be protected first. Once those grips get wet, your game will suffer. Be prepared for rain with a golf bag hood or cover stowed away in one of your pockets.

Gear Up for Rainy Days

Most golfers come prepared with a hat no matter what the season, to shield the sun or block a little drizzle. And of course, there’s always the golf umbrella that fits right in your bag. But for a truly rainy day, waterproof gear will help you stay warm and dry while you complete the entire round of 18 holds. Pack a pair of rain pants with zippers, which make it easy to put them on over your clothes and shoes. Also, make sure your jacket is waterproof, not just water resistant. Waterproof materials are designed to provide protection from water for a significant period of time, whereas water-resistant materials will repel water to a certain level for a limited time, but is not completely impervious to water penetration.

Ensure a Good Grip

In addition to keeping the clubs dry, you’ll also want to play with dry hands and a dry glove. Keep a few extra gloves in your bag so you always have a dry one at the ready. A towel is also important, to dry off your hands and the grip before you get ready to head to the tee.

Adjust your Game

The weight of the rain and water in the dimples of the ball influence how your shot will go. You might want to choose a club one more than you normally would for approach shots to counteract the weight of the rain on the ball. When putting in the rain, pros advice using a marker to line up your shot instead of the ball, to keep the ball dry as long as possible. Once those little dimples fill with rain you can’t make a clean club to ball impact and it will slip.


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