Golf Gadgets to Help Your Game

Some people might say you only need a few golf balls and a good set of clubs to play a round of golf. But where’s the fun in that? Engineers and tech geeks are always inventing new products to improve things, whether it’s daily tasks or even sports. And you have to admit, even for the golf purist, sometimes it’s fun to use a little technology to track your scores or map the course. As you gear up for golf this spring, check out some of the latest golf gadgets to add a little extra excitement to your game, and maybe even help you take a few shots off your handicap.

Microchip Golf Balls

Tired of paying a fortune for good golf balls only to lose them in the woods? You don’t need to worry about that with golf balls that alert you of their position. A few brands offer balls embedded with a chip that transmits to a handheld device. There’s even a ball in the works, called the Genius Ball, that will capture and transmit data directly to a mobile device.

The Grint app

Use your smartphone to its full capacity by downloading The Grint, an app that allows you to track your scores and keep your stats like a pro. This is just one of many apps available for golfers, some free, some for a price. Golf Digest has a good round-up of the best golf apps. Just be aware that the more features, the more it will drain your battery while out on the corse.


Take away the guesswork of how far you have to the green and which club you should use by using a rangefinder, like these from Leupold. Special features such as the fog mode and digitally enhanced accuracy take into account changing course conditions.

GPS Golf Watch

More than just mapping your route in a car, GPS systems can bring added fun to the golf course. The Garmin GPS golf watch tracks your shots and measures the distances for great post-game review.

Swing Analyzer

The Zepp Golf Swing Analyzer attaches to your glove to measure club speed, plane, tempo, back swing and length. It then gives you an instant evaluation to help focus your training.

Golf Ball Pick Ups

Not everything has to be high-tech! Save your back and your knees, and put a golf ball pick up into your bag. You can get one with its own handle, or one that attaches to the grip end of your putter.

High-tech gadgets might add a little fun to your game, but they will never take the place of old-fashioned practice and personalized training with a coach. If you’d like a session with our pro, contact the clubhouse at High Meadows Golf & Country Club and set up a time today.  


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