High Meadows: More Than a Club, We’re a Community

For many Americans, celebrating the Fourth of July means cookouts with friends and family. It’s a time for hamburgers fresh from the grill, American flags decorating the area, and fireworks after the sun goes down. Here at High Meadows Golf & Country Club, we look forward to the Fourth of July every year for that very reason. We celebrate by getting together with friends and family, the neighbors who make this community seem like home, and celebrating our freedom together.

What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than with a parade? Each year at High Meadows Golf & Country Club, we host a golf cart parade on the Fourth of July. Members are encouraged to decorate their carts, and everyone enjoys seeing just how creative their neighbors can be. With streamers, big bows, and lots of decorations in red, white, and blue, the carts that usually take clubs from one hole to the next are transformed into patriotic vehicles. Members walk beside in full Fourth of July regalia, from t-shirts decorated with the American flag to over-sized Uncle Sam hats. The creativity is encouraged by a friendly competition, as the best-decorated cart receives the Spirit Award.

The parade is just part of the fun of our Fourth of July celebration. We host an informal tournament every year, to give members a chance to get out on the course for a little friendly competition. Then everyone meets up for a cookout at the pool.

One of the highlights of the Independence Day celebration is the fireworks. For High Meadows Golf & Country Club, the fireworks give an opportunity to connect with the greater community. The members at the club donate money for fireworks to Camp Cheerio, the YMCA camp located just a few miles from our club. But there’s an added benefit to helping fund the fireworks display, as our members get a chance to enjoy the view as well.

This year Camp Cheerio will host the Fourth of July fireworks on July 3, so members are invited to gather for dinner at the club, and then drive their golf carts up to camp for the festivities. The campers and counselors will sing songs and do some entertainment for everyone before setting off the fireworks display.

The Fourth of July celebration isn’t the only community-driven event taking place during the month of July. There’s also Kids Week, July 17-21, which is a camp for kids and grandkids of members. Kids ages 8-14 get a chance to work with the High Meadows golf pros on their golf game, with lessons each morning. But the week is about much more than just golf. Other activities include a trip to the zip line facilities in Boonville, NC, bowling in Sparta, a movie under the stars and lots of swimming at the club’s pool.

“It’s really a great way for the kids to get to know each other,” says Tim Brant, assistant golf pro. Tim has run the program for the past few years, and has seen how the kids really form a bond. “I know some have come every year for the past four years, and they have built lasting friendships. They talk to each other on a daily basis, even if they might live hours apart from each other.”

Tim mentioned that he knows a couple of the kids he’s had the past few years are aged out of the program this summer, but have said they want to come anyway because they have so much fun hanging out with their friends.

A lot of the kids who participate in Kids Week are grandchildren of the club’s members. The week of activities provides a great opportunity for kids to come and spend some quality time with their grandparents, while having plenty to do to keep them busy during the day.

It’s also just one more way for the families of our club to get to know each other. You might play golf with a person every week and never really know their extended family, but having the kids up for Kids Week gives everyone a chance to get to know the children and grandchildren that mean so much in the lives of our members.

Almost any golf club you could belong to will host events for the members. But what sets High Meadows Golf & Country Club apart is the family atmosphere you enjoy at our events. As we cheer along our neighbors in the golf cart parade or strike up a conversation with a kid visiting for Kids Week, it’s all a chance to get to know each other a little better, and build relationships that go beyond the golf course.


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