Improve Your Game — Play in a Golf Tournament

Tournament season is here! High Meadows Golf & Country Club kicked off the start of our tournament season, with the Ladies Kick-in the weekend of May 12 and the Men’s Kick-in the weekend of May 19. The club hosts a variety of tournaments, from the Men’s and Ladies’ Golf Association tournaments to events for couples to play together, members to play with guests, and charity events.

Tournaments provide a great opportunity to improve your golf game. Here are a few benefits you can get from playing in golf tournaments.

  • Test your golf game under pressure. Sure, you might be hitting a pretty good drive or putting like a pro when you play with your regular golf group, but how well do your skills hold up when the pressure’s on? Tournaments are a good time to put those practice rounds to the test and really challenge yourself.
  • Get out of the same old routine. If you’re used to playing with the same people on the same course, tournament play gives you the opportunity to mix things up a little bit. You never know what you might learn from playing with a new group of people. It’s an opportunity to learn new strategies for your game, but also get to know some new people.
  • Improve your confidence. While it’s important to approach a tournament with realistic expectations and know that not every shot will be perfect, there will be some good shots and good holes during the game. Knowing you can make those shots under pressure helps boost your confidence, which translates to better play after the tournament is over.

Tips for Tournament Day

Ensure you’re at the top of your game the day of the tournament by paying attention to more than just your drive.

  • Make sure to arrive early enough to get some time to warm up a little and get a feel for the greens. But you don’t want to come too early! Too much time on your hands will increase any feelings of anxiety. About 45 minutes before tee-time is what you’re shooting for.
  • Be sure to drink plenty of water the day before the tournament so you’re well hydrated, and bring plenty of water with you while you’re on the course.
  • Mentally prepare by going over the course in your head before the game. And remember, relax and have fun. If you let the stress of a bad shot get to you, it can ruin the whole game.

Get a jump on the tournament season by signing up for our May tournaments. Call the pro shop to get in on the action. And check out the High Meadows Golf & Country Club calendar to see future tournaments. Make plans to play in as many as possible!

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