Improving the Playability: The Benefits of Renovation

We’re embarking on a great new chapter in the life of High Meadows Golf & Country Club this spring, as we look forward to a renovation of the course’s bunkers and tees. The project will be led by well-respected golf course architect Bill Bergin and his talented team.

The High Meadows golf course was designed in 1964 with playability in mind. The course winds through the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, with plenty of scenic views, and provides just enough of a challenge to make play interesting while keeping things fun at the same time. Thanks to impeccable course maintenance over the years, members have enjoyed playing this well-designed course for more than 50 years. This renovation will maintain the integrity of the original design, while helping modernize the course and improve the playability for all members. 

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Some of the benefits of renovating the bunkers and tees include:
Improved drainage. This renovation consists of installing new drainage systems under each bunker, to allow better drainage and for the sand to dry out quicker after a rain. As golfers know, wet sand has a different texture than dry sand, and the new drainage systems will help keep the sand drier, allowing for more consistent playing conditions day to day.

A new aesthetic. Bill Bergin brings his years of experience to work at High Meadows’ golf course, redesigning current bunkers and designing a few new ones as well to highlight the natural lay of the land and give players a great view as they line up their shot from the tee.

Larger, more level tees. Over time, the subtle changes occur to the surfaces of the tee boxes, and this renovation gives us the opportunity to create a laser-level playing surface to provide players a nice place to hit that initial drive. The tee boxes will also be larger, allowing for more flexibility to move tee markers, improved playing surfaces and provide players more options in playing their shot.

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More tees per hole. Once renovated, we will have six sets of tees, giving more options for golfers to play and adding to the enjoyment members get when playing a round of golf.

“I’m really excited to be able to offer this renovation to our members,” said Mike West, general manager. “There’s just nothing prettier than pure white sand with nice green grass around it, and these new bunkers will really set our course apart for beauty and playability.”

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