Laura Diaz, LPGA golfer, connects with High Meadows Golf & Country Club

It’s not every day you get to play a round of golf with a professional golfer. But the opportunity might happen more often than not at High Meadows Golf & Country Club. High Meadows residents Ron and Cheryl Philo are often visited by their daughter Laura Diaz and her family, who currently make their home in Winston-Salem. Laura is a member of the LPGA, enjoying a successful 20-year career, and she’s always excited to get to play a round of golf with her dad and her kids on the beautiful course at High Meadows.

“High Meadows is a great golf course with a great location here in the mountains,” Laura says. “I love the lay of the land, and the golf course is really well designed to fit with its landscape and provide a good game of golf. The course is always in really good shape, and it’s a good test for me.”

Laura got her start with the game of golf at a very young age. “My grandfather, dad and uncle were all golf pros,” Laura says. “I had a club in my hand since I was a kid, so it’s only natural that my brother and I both became professionals, and my husband is a golf pro as well.”

Laura started playing competitively at the age of nine at home in Florida. She went on to get a golf scholarship at Wake Forest University, where she fell in love with the state. After graduating from college, she started playing on the pro tour, traveling all over the world for tournaments, but she never lost her love for North Carolina. When she and her husband found an opportunity to move to Winston-Salem they took it, and her parents followed them up from Florida. “My parents wanted to be near us, and they fell in love with High Meadows when they stayed with some friends who had rented a house up here,” Laura says. “It’s such a welcoming community, and such a pretty area.”

Laura has spent a lot of her life out on the golf course in a professional way, but these days she finds time to play for fun and help get her kids in the game as well. “We exposed both of our kids to the sport since they were really young, and our hope is they find that it’s something they enjoy. I like that High Meadows offers a lot of different tees, so that I can get a chance to work on my game, but it’s also a good place for Cooper and Lily to play a few holes.”

Laura is also appreciative of just how much High Meadows Golf & Country Club supports women’s golf. A long history of LGA tournaments and events have garnered the club a reputation a great place for women to play. “I think it’s important to support women in golf, not only because it’s what I do, but because it’s a very enjoyable sport. Also, there’s so much business that gets done on the golf course. I want my daughter to have the same privileges my son would have,” Laura says.

High Meadows Golf & Country Club is proud to welcome Ron and Cheryl, and Laura and her family to our beautiful club and golf course. Next time you run into them be sure to say hi!

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