The Literary Scene at High Meadows

Some people might think that moving to a secluded mountain community near a small town might mean you have to give up the cultural benefits of a big city in order to enjoy the peace and quiet, the beautiful scenery, and the great golf. But that’s not the case here at High Meadows Golf & Country Club. We are lucky to have a thriving literary scene in the neighboring town of Sparta, with books clubs, a writing group, and a book store filled to the brim with a great selection of books! Here are a few reasons to get reading and writing in Alleghany County.

Books ’N Friends

Who needs to spend a fortune on new books, when you can get them at a fraction of the cost at a used book store? Right on Main Street in downtown Sparta you’ll find this used book store that always boasts a great selection of popular paperbacks, non-fiction finds, and lots of children’s books. The store is run by the Friends of the Alleghany Public Library, completely staffed by volunteers, and all proceeds go to support the programs at the library.

One of the great things about visiting Books ’N Friends is you never know just what you’ll find. You might go looking for a romance novel and while you’re there find your mother’s favorite cookbook. There’s always something new on the shelves, and the staff is very familiar with the inventory to help you find just what you’re looking for.

Books ’N Friends relies on donations of used books to keep its shelves full, so bring in a few of the books you’ve finished reading, and look for a few more to stock your shelves at home. You’re not only helping recycle books, but also supporting the library’s many great programs with your donations.

Book Clubs and the New Library

Just this past January, the Alleghany County Public Library moved into a new facility. Now with more room, there’s plenty of space to comfortably look for books or find a place to sit and read. The area is lucky to have such a thriving library, not only for its book circulation, but also for the many events that take place. There are two book clubs that meet regularly at the library, the Page Turners on the third Tuesday of the month at 10:30, and the Book Ends on the second Thursday of the month at 10:30. In addition to these groups, there are speakers and other activities going on at all times. Visit their Facebook page for a list of upcoming events.

Writers Groups

A love of writing often goes hand in hand with a love of books and reading. For members of the High Meadows community who might be working on writing a memoir or spending hours crafting a novel, the Alleghany Writes creative writing group might be the place to go. This creative writing group meets the third Thursday of the month at the Alleghany County Public Library, and provides a time for sharing, critiquing work, and supporting each other.

If enjoying other people’s work is more up your alley, head to the library for Open Mic Night every third Thursday, hosted by Voices of Alleghany.

Reading and writing are great activities to do in solitude, but both are a lot more fun when you can share them with others. If you’re one of the volunteers at Books ’N Friends, or have shopped in the store and have a story of a great find, share it here in our comments. We’d love to know how our community is taking part in the local literary scene!

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