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Here at High Meadows Golf & Country Club, we are not shy when it comes to boasting about the great quality of the food in our restaurant. Our menu selection rivals that of any five-star restaurant in a major metropolitan area, and one reason for that is the amazing talents of Nicole Burrell, Executive Chef and Food and Beverage Director. Her experience and creativity add a touch of elegance and sophistication to every meal.

A Love of Cooking from the Beginning

Chef Nicole received her formal training at the culinary school at Selkirk College in Nelson, British Columbia. But you could say her training in the kitchen started long before that. “My family is of German Menonite descent, and we have a lot of traditions that center around the kitchen,” Nicole says. “I was always in there cooking with my mother, grandmother, aunts, and uncles.” Soups, stews, breads and pastries were a staple in Nicole’s family growing up, and she carries on that tradition today. “I love making pastries and cinnamon rolls, when it comes to baking I do a little bit of everything.”

Nicole had her first “real” job as a cooking professional when she was just thirteen, working in food prep for the British Columbia Forest Service during the summers. “We peeled a lot of potatoes at that job,” she says. Her first job after culinary school was at a Ukranian restaurant, where her German cooking style served her well. This job also provided an opportunity to learn the business end of the restaurant service.

chef nicoleChef Nicole’s Style

The job of Executive Chef at High Meadows Golf & Country Club is miles apart from that kitchen job at the Ukranian restaurant, both in distance and style. But the training and experiences Nicole has had have all shaped her into who she is today. “One of my mentors, Dave Butterfield who I worked with when I was younger, taught me that things don’t have to be elaborate to be beautiful,” Nicole says. And that sense of beauty comes through in the wonderful menu selections Nicole puts together each and every day.

The menu selection varies on a monthly basis, to give the members at High Meadows plenty of choices and opportunity to try new things at meal times. It also allows Nicole the freedom to use local products in her menu. “I enjoy working with the Alleghany Food Initiative to use locally grown meats and produce,” Nicole says. The list of local products is varied, including trout, rabbit, pork, eggs, milk, honey, and a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

In addition to the regular meals, Nicole hosts a couple of events each year to showcase local products. These events, and the other special events held at the club, are one of the things Nicole really enjoys about the job. “I like executing a function from start to finish,” she says. “It gives me a chance to make plans and see them come to fruition in a way that is very satisfying.”

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