Meet Our Golf Pros

Pictured above: (left) Tim Brant, Assistant Golf Pro, and (right) Todd Hutcherson, Interim GM / PGA Head Pro.

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It doesn’t matter how old you are or how long you’ve been playing golf, everyone can use a few tips now and then. After all, we wouldn’t say “practice makes perfect” all the time if the saying weren’t true.

One of the benefits of membership at High Meadows Golf & Country Club is that we have two experienced golf professionals on-hand to teach lessons with our members and give advice when asked. If you’re looking to straighten up your swing, or trying to find a way to get a few more yards on your drive, you have a great resource for help in Todd Hutcherson and Tim Brant.

Todd Hutcherson

Todd has been the director of Golf at High Meadows Golf & Country Club for four years.

Currently he’s also serving as interim general manager, but even with his busy schedule he finds time to teach lessons, one of his favorite parts of the job.

Todd brings a high-level of golf experience to the club, having played on the professional circuit on South Africa’s PGA tour. “That was a really great experience for me, getting a chance to play with some of the game’s great players,” Todd says. “I was hitting balls beside Ernie Els before anyone had even heard his name here in the States.”

After his time on the PGA circuit Todd decided to seek out a career that would allow him to continue to enjoy his passion for the sport of golf. He has worked at five different country clubs before joining the team at High Meadows, giving him a total of 32 years in the business.

As a native of Winston-Salem, Todd has a real love for this part of North Carolina, and likes the fact that his work at High Meadows has brought him back home. He currently lives in Mt. Airy, and enjoys the foothills and mountains of North Carolina.

Most of all, he loves the people he gets to work with every day. “I really love the game of golf as a sport, but what I like most about this career is that I get to work with people,” Todd says. “And the people here at High Meadows are great, just down-to-Earth, good people.”

Tim Brant

Tim, assistant golf pro, has also been at High Meadows Golf & Country Club for four years. He enjoys managing the pro shop, teaching classes, and helping organize the many tournaments and community events hosted at the club.

Tim has been playing golf since he was 18 years old. He was introduced to the game by his school principal, who came to him to ask if he’d like a job at a local club where they were looking for good help. It was there he was introduced to the game of golf, and pretty much taught himself how to play.

Tim himself is humble about his talents, but members are quick to say that he has one of the longest drives they’ve seen, which helps him be a force out on the course. He’s had experience playing in few Pro Am tournaments, and he brings that experience to the course at High Meadows, where he’s happy to share his talents in giving private lessons to the members, as well as group lessons with the kids who attend Kids Week each July.

Favorite Hole

Of course, while the people and the great atmosphere helped attract Todd and Tim to come work at High Meadows, the beautiful golf course played a part in it as well. Each is as familiar with the course as they are with the back of their own hand, and while they both profess to enjoy it all, they can’t help but have a favorite hole.

Todd: “For me, my favorite is 15. I just love the way it’s laid out. With the second half of the hole going up hill, it makes it hard to get a four on that hole, and I like the challenge.”

Tim: “My favorite hole has to be 14. It’s just a beautiful view when you go to set up your tee, with the creek running through and a rock bridge over the creek.”

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Come find out which hole is your favorite. High Meadows Golf & Country Club is excited to offer a 3-Day Golf Getaway Package, to help other people learn about this hidden gem of a course up in the mountains of North Carolina. Schedule a time for your visit today.

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  1. Carolyn July 9, 2017 at 12:09 pm #

    So, Todd likes #15 and Tim likes #14? Two very tough holes for me. Half the time on 14 I go into the creek, so now just lay up. 15 is too long. My favorite hole is 18. What a beautiful finishing hole! The view is spectacular from the tee. After the first shot you have lakes on both sides, with a fountain in the larger lake. Paring this hole is not very hard for the average golfer, and even a birdie now and then is not too rare.

    With this great finishing hole on #18 – it just makes you want to return for another round.

    My husband’s favorite hole is #19.

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