Putting Tips from the Pro

Nothing puts your golf game in the spotlight more than the putting green. Sure, it’s always great to hit a long, straight drive from the tee, but there’s something about the whole group of golfers gathered together around the green that makes you feel like your golf game is being examined under a microscope. The pressure’s on to sink that shot on the first putt, to keep your score down but also to save face in front of your fellow golfers.

Our PGA Head Pro, Todd Hutcherson, recently shared his tips for making a good putt. “I like to take an Analyze/Apply approach,” Todd says. “I suggest taking some time while the other guys are putting to look at the green, figure out the slope and break, and judge the pace of the green on that day. Then when it’s your turn to putt, it’s time to apply what you’ve learned. Don’t spend more time while you’re at the ball over-thinking the putt or taking a lot of practice swings. It should only take 15 seconds from set up to stroke when it comes to putting. Once you’re at the ball, visualize it going into the hole, and take your shot.”

How to Analyze your Putt

When you approach a green, there are a few things to look for to help you analyze the shot. First, to understand the slope, look for where the water would drain. If there’s a pond or stream nearby, it’s likely water would drain toward that, which gives you an idea of the way the ground slopes.

Once you’re up at the green, make sure you know how far you are from the hole. Go ahead and mark the ball and pace out the distance. This will help you know how much power to put into the putt and help keep you from over-shooting the hole.

No matter how often you play a course, the speed of the greens will vary depending on various weather factors. Make sure to take a few putts on the practice greens before heading to the first hole to help you better control the speed of your putts during the game.

Some golfers might enjoy using technology to help with analyzing the green. Smartphone apps such as Golf Scope for iPhones and Golf Logix (available on both Apple and Android platforms) will give you detailed topography and help show you where to aim the putt.

Upcoming Golf Events

The best way to improve your putt is to get out there and play. We’ve got some great tournaments coming up at High Meadows Golf and Country Club as we round out the summer season and welcome the cooler temperatures of fall. Make sure to sign up for the following tournaments:

Ryder Cup September 14-15
Member/Member September 28-29
MGA and LGA Kick Out October 6

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