This Thanksgiving, Play More and Cook Less

Thanksgiving Day is a holiday that many of us look forward too. Spending time with family and friends while eating delicious foods that we might only get once or twice a year is not only central to the holiday, it is pretty much the entire celebration. But because this holiday traditionally centers around a big meal, it goes without saying that there are those in the family who spend most of the day in the kitchen, first preparing the wonderful feast, and then cleaning up afterward.

We’ve come up with a solution to make Thanksgiving a day everyone can look forward to, with our “Thanksgiving to Go” solution from High Meadows Golf & Country Club. You can order a complete turkey dinner, prepared by our talented staff, to pick up and take home to your family on Thanksgiving Day. This year’s menu includes a turkey and sides of cranberry relish, whipped potatoes, stuffing, rolls and green bean casserole. This year you can also choose how your turkey is prepared — roasted, fried or pit grilled. Of course, a Thanksgiving meal wouldn’t be complete without pumpkin pie, and each meal includes one of those as well as an apple pie. (Order by Wednesday, November 15 at 3:00 pm and pickup Wednesday, November 22 from 3:oo-5:00 pm.)

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So if you order a “Thanksgiving to Go”, what will you do with all the extra time on Thanksgiving Day? We have a few ideas to help pass the time, and might even start a new tradition for the family.

Play a round of golf

Start a new tradition with a post-dinner golf game. Getting out in the fresh air and walking around the course will feel good after eating until your button bursts.

Watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade with the grandkids

When is the last time you sat down and watched this storied parade from start to finish? You’ll find it’s a perfect intergenerational experience, with marching bands playing traditional carols while today’s pop stars belt out their recent hits from elaborate floats.

Enjoy Miracle on 34th Street

After spending the morning watching the parade, you can start a new holiday tradition by hosting a viewing of this holiday classic. The movie was re-made in 1994, but in our book the original is the best. Who can hold a candle to Maureen O’Hara and her dignified portrayal of a single mom struggling to do what’s best for her daughter?

Take a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway

In late November, the trees are still boasting a fair amount of color, even if they’re a few weeks beyond their peak.

Host a game day

Pull out the board games or shuffle that deck of cards, and watch the competition for best gamer begin.


If you’re not cooking for yourself, it leaves plenty of time to serve others. Contact any local area church to see if there’s a place for you to help serve the community. You can volunteer during the day and still get home in time to enjoy dinner with the family.

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