Tips to Get More Yards on Your Drive

It’s inevitable that when you’re around a group of golfers, someone is eventually going to brag about the yardage of their furthest drive. While a great putt or an exciting shot out of the sand are plenty interesting, it seems everyone longs for a really long drive.

Even if you’ve been playing golf for years, adding a few simple stretches and exercises to your daily routine and making a few improvements to your swing can help add a few yards to your drive. It won’t be long until you’re the one bragging at every cook out.

Master the fundamentals of your swing. It seems like common sense, but the first and most important thing when trying to lengthen your drive is to make sure you have a good, solid swing. Pay attention to hip turn, making sure not to over rotate, and make sure you’ve got the right grip. For help with adjusting your swing, contact one of the golf professionals at High Meadows Golf & Country Club, Todd or Tim.

Use a wider stance. When you’re teeing up for a long drive, spread your feet out just a little more than you would for a lay up on the green or a putt. It helps improve balance and stability.

Keep wrists stable. Imagine your hands are just extensions of your arm, and avoid flexing your wrists no matter how natural it might seem. Straight wrists lead to a stronger swing.

Keep a good rhythm through your swing. Be sure you’re swinging through with a smooth motion, without hesitations or hiccups. It might help to have someone video your swing and you watch it to see whether you’re staying smooth or not.

Do stretching exercises for greater flexibility. The more flexible you are, the greater the range of motion you will have, which helps with your swing and adds distance to your drive. Check out these stretches from Fitness Blender to help improve your drive.

Strengthen your core. It’s obvious from watching the younger layers on the PGA Tour that strength training benefits your golf game. But it doesn’t all have to be bicep curls and squats. Focusing on your core muscles can help add yards to your drive as well. Of course, the plank is the most common core exercise. But there are plenty of others to choose from to give your routine some variety. This Golf Digest blog includes core exercises specifically designed to help golfers.

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